I have a collection of about 130 different etchings (plus many duplicates) and about 50 drawings, also a few watercolours all by Eileen Soper; The duplicates are for sale or exchange. I am always interested in contact with others who like myself are interested in or collect Eileen Soper’s etchings and work.  I am looking for several particular etchings and the purpose of this site is to make contact with others, who wish to buy, sell or exchange Eileen Soper’s work.

If you are interested I can be contacted at: -


Brian Potter


Further reading

“The Catalogue Raisonne of Etchings of George and Eileen Soper”

“The art of George and Eileen Soper”. Essential reading showing pictures and details of 166 of Eileen’s etchings.

Both published by Chris Beetles Ltd.

I have copies of the two above books for sale and available to anyone interested.


Wildings   Duff Hart Davis  Witherby, London 1991 (now out of print, but available second-hand


Eileen Soper used two different signatures on her etchings. She only used the first E.A. Soper up to the age of 15 and this signature is very rare. It can often be seen on the etching “The first recitation” and “ The three wees”.

The other is - Eileen A. Soper this was used for all the rest of her etchings and varied considerably in style over the years, although the form never really alters.   There are some etchings in circulation without signatures, these are mostly from a batch of etchings recovered from her home “The Wildings” after her death in 1990. They were bequeathed to “The Artists General Benevolent Institution” in Piccadilly and have been sold on their behalf over the last few years.  All of the signatures on her etchings are in pencil.